Beginning of Lent

Today we begin our journey to Pascha in earnest with the beginning of Holy and Great Lent.

The triodion, or period of preparation, has ended with the celebration of  Forgiveness Sunday Vespers and our church is now dressed in purple linens. lent cover

In his Sunday sermon, Father Dimitry spoke about the importance of love and forgiveness especially as we start our fast and to be wary of the invisible nets and chains of our anger against other people that tie us.

The sermon continued by reminding us also that Our Savior puts the keys to salvation in our hands. We are free to choose light over darkness, love over hate.

Father also reminded us that Our Lord understands the difficulty that true forgiveness presents to us as human beings. We must first overcome the passions of anger, pride and impatience both to find forgiveness in our hearts for others and to ask forgiveness of others. We are able to do this through love, love of Our Savior and love of our neighbor. (Sunday, March 2, 2014)

Remember to include the Prayer of Saint Ephraim in your morning and evening prayers during Lent.

Also remember that the Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete is read on the first four days of Lent and the Akathist Hymn to the Mother of God is chanted for the first 5 Fridays of Lent.

Services for the first and second weeks of lent at Holy Nativity Convent and Holy Transfiguration Monastery can be found here.

The following link is a short, simple excerpt on the importance of fasting both in body and spirit by Saint Philaret of New York On Fasting helps us to keep in mind the purpose and intent of true fasting.

And the following quotes also offer guidance as we enter this time of struggle. May Our Lord, His holy Mother and all His Saints guide and guard out steps as we move through the next weeks to the glorious  feast of the Resurrection.

saint basil the great on fasting


saint athanasius fasting

saint john fasting

















For a list of helpful resources on fasting click here!

Enjoy the following pictures of our church getting dressed and ready for Holy and Great Lent. Good Lent to All + 


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